H. D. Harris


H. D. Harris is an artist who grew up in Detroit, Michigan, who was driven by midwestern life to imagine worlds full of color, soul, and energy, even though they had to find the building blocks for those worlds themselves. They live with their partner and a small herd of furry animals, all of which keep them from drowning in the deep-end when they dive into the waters of creation. You can find their work on their portfolio site hdharris.com, and find them yelling on twitter at hdharris_irl


Jovan Wilson


Jovan is a 3d artist based in Ohio. She is a lover of video games, coffee, and animals. She likes to keep her work personal in some way or another and often draws from experiences or emotions when creating, a lot of times using her artwork as a reflection of her more abstract thoughts and feelings.

Follow Jovan's work at jovanwilson.artstation.com, and on Instagram, and Twitter.




I've been creating digital art for the past 18 years. I first learned to use Photoshop to create outfits for my virtual doll on a website called Diva Chix (formally known as Doll Wars). We were literally competing every week to see who could make the most stylish doll and Paint wasn't cutting it. Fast forward to now, I'm creating 3D characters that I call my dolls and It's a real full-circle moment now that I think about it.

I've always been interested in learning to use new mediums and programs. Learning 3D art was partly about wanting to try something new, but also creating the representation that I didn't see. At the time, you were lucky to find 3D art depicting black women that wasn't overtly racist or fetishistic. There were so many resources out there for learning to use 3D programs but for something as simple as creating an afro, you were on your own.

My work now is the result of a LOT of experimentation and whatever art knowledge I already had. I feel that all of the mediums that I've worked with have led me here. I've never been more confident and passionate about my work. Sharing renders that I agonize over for weeks or sometimes months and being affirmed by other black women is an indescribable feeling. My work is inspired by and dedicated to black women.


Keneisha Perry | TimidClover


Keneisha is an artist who grew up around the Bay Area mainly. In order to escape a difficult and stressful home life she turned to art as a form of expression. She is driven by vivid colors and the physical form and enjoys creating characters that evoke strong emotion. She enjoys sipping hot tea with her cat Momo by her side, as well as reading fantasy novels. You can keep up with her work at artstation.com/timidclover or twitter or even on instagram.


Malika Mutombo


Malika or Solvrium (read Solarium) is a 23 years old artist born and raised in Brussels. She started drawing in kindergarten when her teacher told her dad that she was good at it, he proceeded to buy art supplies and pushed her to better her art until now. She has always been eager to learn as much mediums as possible, though mostly traditional and digital illustration focused, she has been doing 3D characters since 2019. Malika is inspired by editorial fashion and makeup, as well as the aetherial, the mysterious, and the fantastical. Malika’s work often depicts a tension between extravagant beauty and more disturbing elements, leaving the viewer awestruck.

You can find more of her work as @solvrium on Twitter and Instagram, as well as on ArtStation.


Elijah S. Richmond | Evening Cicada


Hey, I'm Elijah S. Richmond the Evening Cicada, most people call me Cicada. I'm a creative, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, with a passion for 3D character art and game development. Driven by story-telling, I often find myself dabbling in many forms of creative expression. In that, I see myself and everyone else as multifaceted beings with the ability to create and so I aim to inspire that creativity as a game designer, an artist, an educator, and streamer.

Follow Cicada's work at Artstation, itch.io, and on Twitch.