Open Source Afro Hair Library

Open Call
for 3D Artists

H. D.


    Submissions Are Now Closed

    Please check all the skills that apply.

    The Open Source Afro Hair Library exists for the explicit purpose of depicting Blackness in anti-racist, intersectional feminist, and anti-capitalist ways, while supporting and amplifying the work of Black creators. We are interested in working with folks who share these goals. Let us know why you're interested in contributing to this project.*

    Do you have afro-textured, coily, and/or kinky hair? Do you possess an intimate understanding of the shape, movement, body, and unique characteristics of Black hair textures and styles?*

    Would you, under any circumstances, put raisins in the potato salad?*

    Submissions Are Now Closed

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I learn more about the Open Source Afro Hair Library?

    Read about the project and A.M. Darke's research here
    And you can follow this thread on Twitter.

    What are the expected deliverables?

    Typically, artists model 1 character bust and 9 unique hair styles. All models must be painted/textured to be added to the library.

    How much experience do I need?

    We are set up to work with artists who possess different levels of experience, and prioritize aesthetics/stylization over realism. The most important thing is that you have a deep love and unique vision of Blackness, that can be translated into virtual space within the period of the residency.

    How can I donate in support of this project?

    We love to see it! You can donate to The Other Lab, an interdisciplinary, intersectional feminist research space for experimental games and new media. Your contribution is tax-deductible and allows us to support artists with paid fellowships and other opportunities. Thank you!

    I still have questions, who can I contact?

    Hit us up at contact[at]